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9th October 2003

1:45pm: Moving

Moving back to more user-friendly turf- Blogger. It's again!

21st September 2003

9:45pm: Rules

Watched a movie after a really long time- Rules (Pyaar ka Superhit Formula), inspite of the upcoming exams.

Cute movie, realistic and believable characters, and, of course, Milind Soman is hot! ;-)

Ok, no more drooling! Gotta study. :-(

15th September 2003

1:13pm: Better

Better now, but still not back to my old self.

Heard Blogger Pro features are now available to free users. Maybe I'll move back to Blogger. The interface and template was much for user-friendly than this one.

2nd September 2003


Got para-typhoid.

17th August 2003

2:32pm: Confused

Is everyone confused at my age, or is it just me?

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